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This page shows the latest securities framework asset ratings published by the Crypto Rating Council, LLC ("CRC"). These ratings are the sole and independent work product of the CRC. The ratings and other CRC work product are not endorsed by any asset development team or foundation, any regulator, or any other third party. Scores are subject to change at any time without notice.

See other important information below and on our FAQs page.

ALGO – 2.00

Asset last reviewed: 08.14.2019

  • Designed to function as a blockchain development platform facilitating cryptocurrency transactions and payments settlements, as well as programming of smart contracts and dApps, focusing specifically on the development of financial technology-related dApps

  • Uses a pure proof of stake consensus mechanism

REP – 3.75


Asset last reviewed: 08.14.2019

  • Designed to function as a protocol that allows users to create their own market predictions

  • Mainnet launch took place in July 2018; the launch of Version 2 is still to be determined.

  • The Forecast Foundation helps to develop Augur

BAT – 2.00


Asset last reviewed: 02.21.2020

  • Designed to reward and incentivize usage of the Brave Browser and viewing of targeted advertisements

  • Token sale took place in May 2017

  • BAT tokens were integrated into the Brave Browser system developed by Brave Software Inc. in June, 2017

BTC – 1.00


Asset last reviewed: 08.21.2019

  • Designed as a decentralized digital currency that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer Bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries

  • Uses a Proof-of-Work (PoW) system

  • The Bitcoin network was created on January 2009

  • Fully open-sourced

LINK – 2.00


Asset last reviewed: 09.04.2019

  • Designed to bridge the gap between on-chain smart contracts and off-chain businesses and data

  • The ChainLink mainnet went live in May 2019

  • ChainLink interfaces with Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, and is intended to work with multiple networks in the future

ATOM – 3.75


Asset last reviewed: 08.16.2019

  • Designed to facilitate access to Cosmos, a blockchain development and interoperabilityplatform

  • Uses a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism

  • Mainnet launch took place in March 2019

  • The ATOM fundraising event took place April 2017, reportedly raising approximately 4.87k BTC and246.89k ETH

DAI – 1.00


Asset last reviewed: 08.21.2019

  • A collateral-backed stablecoin “soft-pegged” 1:1 to the USD through an auto-liquidation mechanism and other features

  • Mainnet launch took place in December 2017

DASH – 1.00


Asset last reviewed: 08.16.2019

  • Designed to function as a payments settlement and value transfer mechanism

  • Utilizes proof-of-work consensus with an additional proof-of-service consensus layer that prevents block reorganizations

  • Initially a fork of Litecoin, Dash later “reforked” off of Bitcoin

MANA – 3.75


Asset last reviewed: 09.11.2019

  • Designed as a virtual reality platform on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to  create, experience and monetize unique content and applications in a shared  virtual universe known as a “metaverse”

  • Uses a consensus algorithm similar to proof of work

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