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The CRC has reviewed
over 70% of the top 100
digital assets by market capitalization

There are myriad utilities and features created or enabled by digital assets. The most simple digital assets function merely as currency, storing value and facilitating transactions.


Other digital assets are used as currency in particular ecosystems, like an online metaverse or digital gaming world. There are many more complex digital assets that function as "gas" (i.e. used to pay transaction fees) to access particular services, like the ability to program smart contracts or decentralized application on a blockchain development network.


Digital assets may also be used to incentivize participants in a blockchain ecosystem to undertake certain activities, like voting in governance proposals or performing tasks like ride-sharing or data collection facilitating a gig economy.

Katie Biber

Anchorage General Counsel

“The formation of the CRC shows how rapidly the crypto industry is maturing. I am excited to see to see this level of collaboration from leading companies, all in service of regulatory compliance. Anchorage is proud to be an early member."

Craig Salm

Grayscale Investments Director, Legal

“As the largest digital currency asset manager, we look forward to helping further educate regulators and policy makers through our role on the CRC. While we respect the attention regulators have given to the space and recognize the progress that’s been made over the last decade, additional clarity on how digital assets are treated will be an important step forward for this asset class."



Genesis General Counsel

“The work of the Council helps guide digital currency market-makers amidst the current uncertainty around asset classification. Genesis is pleased to support the creation of a collaborative scoring framework alongside some of the most reputable companies in the industry."

Mary Beth Buchanan

Kraken General Counsel

“The Crypto Rating Council has developed an objective and repeatable framework to make it easier to consistently apply the United States Securities laws to any particular token. Kraken is pleased to have been able to work with our peers in the industry to strengthen U.S. innovation by enhancing legal clarity."

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